Welcome & Orientation

Welcome & Orientation

Free Preview

12 CEUs/2 days

Daily Schedule

All Times are Eastern Time.

Kendallville sessions begin at 9 am, end at 4:45 pm.

8:45-9:00Settling In
9:00-12:15Session with a 15 minute break
*12:15-1:30Break for Lunch (on your own)
1:30-4:45Session with a 15 minute break


Jennifer always has a stocked snack drawer, water, tea, and chocolate from which we can help ourselves.

If you require, or desire, anything additionally, please contact us directly

What to Bring

  • The handouts required for printout found in the Pre-Training section – please check 2 weeks prior to the training to make sure you have what you need 🙂
  • a notebook for didactic learning notes
  • a favorite journal for experiential reflections
  • pen from which your ideas flow
  • a sense of adventure

We have trays and miniatures for everyone. If you have favorite miniatures, you’re welcome to bring them for your use.

This is a relaxed training environment, bring what you need to feel comfy. We have a regular participant that always brings slippers.

A note about cell phones: A main component of the sandtray process is the ability to be truly present; practicing this skill is a learning objective for all levels.  Please be prepared to put away your phone while we are engaged in the sessions in order to foster connection.

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